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10 Best Mike Ross And Harvey Specter Quotes In Suits

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter are miles above all other characters when it comes to great quotes from TV shows. Harvey has his famous swag and Mike his intellect.

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1. Harvey Specter teaching Mike Ross you can always win.

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When Harvey Specter teaches Mike Ross that you can always find a way out and win. It is a quote that always teaches Mike Ross about how Harvey expects him to do his work, make sure you always find a way.

2. The epic move references by Specter and Ross

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Harvey and Mike referencing classic movies throughout the series is always great fun to anyone who knows what they are refering to.

5. Harvey does not consider losing an option.

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Harvey came back with one of the most famous quotes of the entire series when faced with the prospect of losing small being a win to the firm.

8. How Mike Ross' cockiness got him the job.

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Mike Ross accepts the challenge of answering some tough legal questions and proves he can do it while playing cards on a computer.

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