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    Women Who Are Against Feminism Are Now Turning To "Meninism"

    "Meninism is for girls too!"

    Frustrated with the feminist movement, many women are choosing to turn to what they believe is the next best option in fighting for gender equality: "meninism".

    Meninism – a men's rights movement that claims to campaign for men to have the same equality as women – has had a surge of support across social media in recent months.

    I wonder what people think when they see me wearing my @MeninistTweet shirt

    A large part of its popularity has been spurred on by social media accounts that tweet sexist and anti-feminist messages and photos.

    Wearing my #Meninist Shirt Today bc #FeministsAreUgly

    The leading meninist account is Meninist Tweets, which has over 900,000 followers. The account shares "jokes" about issues such as sexism and sexual assault, but insists the movement is a "parody".

    "The meninist account is just a joke" Wow! I love modern day sense of humour hehehe!!! Very funny :)

    Despite this claim that the movement is not to be taken seriously, many argue that the account's sexist content only adds to and fuels gender inequality.

    if a female wears a meninist shirt, what are her morals as a woman? does she know what shes representing..?

    While it used to mostly be male supporters of the movement who bought #Meninist-branded T-shirts, more women are proudly sharing photos of themselves wearing them too.

    I look better in Hayden's @MeninistTweet shirt than him

    The photos of female meninist supporters are then widely shared on meninist Tumblr and Twitter accounts that reblog anti-feminist posts.


    One Tumblr page links out to an article that declares that women have "more rights than men".

    One of the five "legally enshrined rights" the author of the article claims that women have and men do not is: "Women have the right to call unwanted, coerced sex rape."

    Many supporters of meninism say they're being shamed for wearing #Meninist T-shirts.

    Can't decide which #meninist shirt to order :(

    One Twitter user told BuzzFeed News she bought a #Meninist T-shirt because "it would get people mad".

    "I got it because I knew feminists would tell me that i cannot to wear it," she said. "Which, yet again is hypocritical if you think about it."

    She added: "Contrary to popular belief I did not buy it to get attention from guys."

    Rossalyn Warren is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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