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What Are Your Memories Of The 7/7 London Terrorist Bombings?

Ten years ago, London was the target of a coordinated suicide bomb attack.

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On 7 July, 10 years ago, London was attacked by a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks.

Afp / Getty Images

Four bombs targeting civilians during rush hour went off, on underground trains at Liverpool Street, Edgware Road, and near Russell Square, and on a bus in Tavistock Square.

Fifty-two innocent bystanders travelling around the city were killed, and more than 770 were injured.

CHRIS YOUNG / Getty Images

Across the country, people were contacting loved ones to make sure they were safe, and desperately trying to understand what had happened despite the mixed information being reported.

Dave Etheridge-Barnes / Getty Images

People followed the events as they unfolded on television, while travelling to work on the tube, or while at school being reassured by teachers that everything would be OK.

Dave Etheridge-Barnes / Getty Images

Whatever it is you remember from that day, we'd like to hear from you.

Where were you when it happened? Did you know people in London at the time? And how has that day shaped your understanding of the world over the last 10 years?

We'd like to bring together people's experiences of that day and share them on our site. If you're happy to have your memories shared in a post, please consider contributing below.

You can submit what you'd like to say in the Google form below, as a Facebook comment, or by emailing it directly to

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