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This Vine Of A Boy Diving And Then Disappearing Is A Contender For The Best Vine Ever

You may want to rewatch it a few times.

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These types of Vines are not new, and popular Vine maker Christian Leonard often creates these 6-second illusions — but this one he made yesterday is particularly impressive.

Leonard, from Rhode Island, has more than 822,000 Vine followers, and this Vine has been shared more than 146,000 times.

Leonard told BuzzFeed how he created the illusion: "It's a simple trick of the camera, which further simulates an amazing illusion. I first had younger cousin dive off of the diving board. When in the air, I reached my hand out as if I was going to pick him out of the air, and suddenly I cut the film. Then, as he got out of the water, I resumed the video finishing the same motion as before. This embodies the act of my making him disappear into my fist. I then turned the camera too my left, and threw my hand forward as if I were throwing a ball. I cut the video while in motion and had my cousin stand in front of me and dive into the water again. Then as he got into the air, I resumed the shot and finished out my hand motion, which made it look like I was throwing him.

When it's all said and done, the Vine looks like me grabbing my cousin out of the air mid-dive, and throwing him to a different part of the pool than he originally planned to go. A few simple cuts of video and it my creativity comes to life through my Vines."