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    This Ridiculously Cute Puppy Has Been Stolen From Its Owners

    The owner has started an online appeal to find the chow chow.

    On Wednesday, this ridiculously cute puppy was stolen from its owners' house by thieves.

    Jamie Green, one of the devastated dog owners, has started an online appeal for the return of the chow chow, who is called Misiu.

    The 29-year-old bought the puppy for £1,600 as a gift for his girlfriend, Joanna Gluminska, five weeks ago.

    The owners believe the dog was targeted because it's an "expensive designer dog".

    It's also believed that it was targeted because dog-lovers on the internet viewed and shared images of the dog millions of times on sites such as Imgur and our very own BuzzFeed.

    "Misiu is such a distinctive dog and I have had so much attention over him," Green said. "People love him... I feel violated. It's horrible. We just want our dog back. If we get him back, I won't press charges. I don't care. I just want him home."

    HAVE YOU SEEN THIS RIDICULOUSLY CUTE DOG? If so, please drop the owner a message on Facebook.