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This Is The Best "Simpsons" Facebook Comment Thread Ever


In a public Facebook group dedicated to The Simpsons, a woman called Deanne left a plea to other members asking that they share fewer quotes.

In response to Deanne's request, the other members of the group decided to leave over 1,000 comments, most of which were quotes from the television show.

They begin by asking why she doesn't like the quotes.

Some people leave "Boooooooo-urns" comments.

Several members remind others to keep it friendly.

But people were still very unimpressed by Deanne's request.

Others that joined the thread at a later stage were very confused.

Then Deanne decided to join in on the thread.

People began to feel bad for the hundreds of quotes they'd now left for Deanne.

But they don't stop.

At one point, Deanne hilariously out-quotes the other commenters.

But despite her best efforts, people continue to flood the comment thread.

Some commenters then change the lyrics to famous Simpsons songs and dedicate it to Deanne.

Others edit famous scenes from the show to reflect the quote-off.

Thank you, Deanne, for giving the internet the best Simpsons thread ever.

h/t Uproxx for sharing this amazing thread.