This Dog Is Completely Obsessed With Bananas And It’s Adorable

    Look how happy he is!

    Meet Vixen. Vixen is a dog who loves bananas.

    Vixen's owner is Kayla, a 15-year-old student from California. The pup was a Christmas present.

    "Vixen's favorite snack is bananas," she told BuzzFeed. "He comes walking into the living room like this."

    Kayla says she has no idea why his obsession with bananas started.

    "He loves fruit, but especially bananas. Maybe he's part monkey 😂."

    "Whenever anyone is eating a banana, he'll follow them around, jump up and try and get it," Kayla told BuzzFeed.

    "He was chewing a bone one time, and I got a banana, and he was more interested in the banana than his bone 😂."

    She added: "Even if I just say the word 'banana' he'll stare at me and follow me until I give him some. I usually just rip bananas up into pieces and give it to him like that."

    "As long as he gets to eat bananas, it doesn't matter to him – he grabs the whole bunch 😂."