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    This Celebrity's Melania Trump Halloween Costume Is Scarily Good

    She looks EXACTLY like her.

    As Halloween draws nearer, celebrities will be competing with bold and brilliant costumes – and on Thursday evening, it seemed the journalist and campaigner Jemima Khan may have already won with her incredible Melania Trump costume.

    Samir Hussein / WireImage

    On the left is Melania Trump. On the right is Jemima Khan.

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    David Fisher / REX / Shutterstock

    Yes, they look EXACTLY the same. And yes, that is a Trump doll draped over her shoulders.

    Khan also clutched a pamphlet titled "Michelle Obama's Convention Speech" at the UNICEF charity event in London, giving a nod to the plagiarism scandal.

    Richard Young / REX / Shuttershock

    With Khan's amazing costume already scaring us all, we should probably prepare to see many more celebrities dress up as the Trumps this Halloween.

    Richard Young / REX / Shuttershock