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    Estate Agent Forced To Remove Tiny Flat Listing After Threatening Calls

    No, seriously, there's a bed in the kitchen.

    This shoebox flat, which is just a few metres wide and can barely fit a bed in the space, went on the market for £737 a month.

    Despite its tiny size, the space on Kember Street near King’s Cross was reported to have been snapped up in less than 16 hours.

    The property has the sink and front door both within reaching distance from the bed. Let's just zoom in on that space.

    The listing on stated the flat has access to "en-suite bathroom and kitchenette", but no dimensions were included in the advertised details.

    It's fair to say people on Twitter were less than impressed...

    Disgusting state of affairs in London rental property market: Studio flat to rent on Rightmove

    London's housing crisis in one advert...

    London, go home, you're drunk.

    Look at this flat! Magnificent. Cook dinner, answer the door and piss into your toilet all without leaving your bed

    Can we name and shame landlords asking 򣅰 a week for this kind of thing?

    As reported by the Islington Gazette, the estate agent has now revealed that he was forced to remove this flat listing due to “threatening phone calls” from the public.

    Local housing advocacy group Islington Private Tenants have written a blog post commenting that while the price for this particular space was shocking, the issue of unreasonably high rent for substandard accommodation is not uncommon.