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    These Photos Of Children Fighting Monsters From Their Nightmares Are Adorable

    The children "fight" the monsters with swords and wands.

    Laure Fauvel, a photographer from Paris, has "brought to life" monsters that haunt children's nightmares in a series of stunning photos.

    But in a creative twist, Fauvel depicted it so the monsters were afraid of the children.

    The terrifying monsters appear to cower in the corners of the children's' bedrooms as the children 'fight' the monsters with sticks, wands and swords.

    The Parisian photographer, who started the project in March, doctored images of real animals to create the monsters.

    She said: "I wanted the children not be victims and to fight the monsters. I wanted the monsters to fear the children."

    Fauvel asked friends and family to pose for the shoot and used their own bedrooms to inject their personality into the photos.