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    There Is Now A Gadget For Men To Wear On Their Penis During Sex To Improve Their Performance

    It measures pace and, er, thrusts per minute.

    The SexFit is a new, Wi-Fi-enabled device that men will be able to wear on their penis to measure and track their sexual performance.


    Once the fitness device is connected to the mobile app, the LED lights at the top of the tracker will recommend when the user needs to slow down or speed up.

    The product description says: "When the centre light is lit, the user is hitting peak performance and matching the rhythm set by the training programme. Too many lights and the user will need to slow down, and not enough lights will advise them to pick up the pace. A "+/-"speed button on either side of the gadget can also be used to adjust the speed of the training session 'on the go'."

    The device will also be able to record key statistics such as calories burnt and thrusts per minute, and will even be able to share those metrics on social media.


    But don't get too excited just yet: The SexFit is still at the prototype stage.

    Louise Bagley, head buyer for adult-toy retailer Bondara, which is developing the product, says: "The digital health and quantified-self craze has started to infiltrate all aspects of our lives. Our device is a natural fit alongside the influx of these personal health trackers and with the added benefit of improving an individual's sex life, we expect it to be a huge hit when it becomes available."

    The SexFit will be available spring 2015.

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