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    There Is A "Rich Private School Kids" Snapchat And It's As Bad As You'd Expect

    The pictures might be temporary, but the arrogance lasts a lifetime.

    There is a very popular Facebook page called PrivateSchoolSnapchats where a rich, anonymous teenager shares Snapchat photos of "what happens in private schools."

    Private school pupils submit snaps to the Facebook page. Let's take a look at some of those photos.

    This is how they use Apple products.

    When they run out of paper, they write on their iPads.

    They find their butlers annoying.

    They want to hunt chavs.

    They feel like they don't belong with normal people.

    Less wealthy people live in a zoo.

    They don't like state schools very much.

    It's a hard life for some.

    They face many problems.

    Thankfully, they have nice things bought for them.

    They take helicopters to school.

    They learn to tax avoid, and they get visits from the queen.

    If it's any consolation, their parents spend thousands of pounds a year on their education, but they have trouble with their spelling.

    And hey, they don't really seem to care how the rest of us see them.

    UPDATE: The moderator for the 'richkidsnaps' Snapchat account spoke to BuzzFeed and answered our questions about the page controversy.

    Of course there is a huge amount of anger about my snapchat account. Understandably it upsets people that I am spending money on unnecessary things, and more importantly bragging about it. ] A lot of people tell me I could be giving to charity instead. I completely understand that it upsets people. However I donate over 80% of my income to charity. In fact my bank automatically sends 80% of any payment going into my account directly to my charity holding account, which then gets distributed to around 100 charities of my choose at the end of every month. On top of this, I donate generously to various charity events. I also want to make clear that the only reason I do this is because I want to. It gives me pleasure knowing that I am donating money to good causes. I most certainly do not do it so that I can tell people that I 'give to charity'. Also, the only reason I am saying it in this email is to make clear that I do not take all my money and waste it on pointless luxuries.