Proof That Idina Menzel Is The Sweetest Celebrity On Twitter

When fans describe themselves as ugly, Idina Menzel corrects them and tells them they’re beautiful.

Actress and singer Idina Menzel is most loved for Glee, playing Elphaba in the musical Wicked, and voicing Elsa in the hit Disney film Frozen, but she can now add “being the sweetest celebrity on Twitter” to that list.

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Menzel is beloved by hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter, and young girls worldwide are constantly singing “Let It Go”, the song she made famous.

A lot of celebrities chat away with their fans on Twitter, but none are quite as sweet as Menzel.

When a young fan tweeted her a selfie of them together and described herself as “disgusting”…

…Menzel told her she was beautiful.

@InspiredbyIdina please don't say that about yourself you look really beautiful

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

When another fan shared a selfie taken with Menzel and described herself as looking “insane”…

I look insane but I love you @idinamenzel

— ♡ eliana ♡ (@idinacrazy)

…Menzel called on her fans to stop criticising how they look.

@idinacrazy everybody needs to stop criticizing the way they look in their pics. Come on guys. I love you. You are beautiful

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

A third said she couldn’t “look good” when next to Menzel…

@idinamenzel like I can't look good when I'm next to you because you are literally so beautiful

— ♡toni ♡ (@WerkIdinaSlay)

…and Menzel told her the real reason why she managed to look so good.

@WerkIdinaSlay I sat for 2 hours in a chair while professionals worked on my hair and makeup!

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

When a lesbian fan said the star had helped her cope with her homophobic father…

@idinamenzel You help me survive my family. My dad's a homophobe and I'm lesbian. Thank you for helping me and for saving me.

— ♛ m a u r e e n ♛ (@greenqueenzell)

…Menzel told her to surround herself with people who appreciated her.

@greenqueenzell sorry to hear that about your dad. Keep being you. Surround yourself with those that appreciate the beautiful woman you are

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

It is clear also that Menzel is very proud of her talented fans.

@abroaderway pics from last nights recital. The girls gave a beautiful powerful performance. #proud

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

When told by fans that she is a huge inspiration…

@idinamenzel how does it feel to inspire thousands of girls, including myself, around the world? xo

— Emily (@endlessswonder)

…she replies appreciatively.

@endlessswonder amazing grateful honored humbled.

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

If she doesn’t tweet for a while, she lets her fans know that she is there and listening.

I'm here guys. Sometimes after a spree of high adrenaline gigs I just crash and disappear for a bit. But I'm here. Xo

— Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel)

So, to all other celebrities on Twitter: Take note from Menzel and treat your fans with lots of love. <3

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