Men Are Trying To Justify The "Tampon Tax" By Naming Male-Only Items

    *Not all men.

    Last night, MPs voted against a motion forcing the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the "tampon tax”, the VAT that is currently charged on women’s sanitary products because they are categorised as “non-essential, luxury” items.

    MPs rejected the amendment by 305 to 287 votes. Labour MP Paula Sherriff told MPs: "Frankly, VAT on tampons is the vagina added tax. It is a tax on women, pure and simple."

    Despite more than 250,000 British people signing a petition asking the government to stop "taxing periods", the tax remained.

    As expected, women were less than impressed by the decision that tampons were still to be classed as a "luxury" item.

    This is the definition of luxury. Sanitary products are NOT a luxury item. #tampontax

    Felt like treating myself to a little luxury item today #tampontax

    Others were angry that those who voted against getting rid of the tax – the majority being men – had rejected scrapping a tax they’d never need to pay.

    So a room dominated by men just voted not to challenge #tampontax, why am I not surprised

    There are some men in the chamber that cannot even say the word, "Tampon" but can say nuclear deterrent and Syria with no problem #tampontax

    So, a room dominated by men, vote against removing the tax on sanitary products. *slow clap* #tampontax

    Aw trousers; #tampontax vote lost. How do 305 MPs who opposed change feel they’re representing the women and girls in their constituencies?

    Some people pointed out that men do not have to pay a tax on male-only items – as there aren't any.

    Told my flatmate about tampon tax trousers thing on Twitter. Now he's trying and failing to think of taxes on men BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY

    Yep, some men really believe that shaving products are a "men-only product". Same men who freak out at the thought of a woman not shaving.

    Many reminisced back to earlier this year, when one Twitter user tried to claim "trousers" were a "male only" tax.

    Labour MP Stella Creasy, a vocal opponent of the tampon tax, criticised the decision.

    We are now debating the tampon tax - I say tampon tax..we are trying to help bill cash learn to say tampon and not 'product' ...;-)

    During the debate, Creasy even managed to encourage one male MP to muster up the courage to say the word "tampon" out loud.

    When she asked what men-only items exist, here's what some people threw out as suggestions:

    @stellacreasy @Gus_Harriador @HautSpot Clearasil ?.

    @stellacreasy @Gus_Harriador @HautSpot rear view mirror?

    @stellacreasy @Gus_Harriador @HautSpot engagement ring?

    @stellacreasy @Gus_Harriador @HautSpot a jock strap?

    Which led to one man deciding to compare the tampon tax to the ratio of men and women who died during World War II.

    @Gus_Harriador @stellacreasy @HautSpot essential men only products where VAT is charged? Name one.

    @Jess_Munro @stellacreasy @HautSpot You don't get to establish the parameters. Q for you. Ratio of women / men who died front line WWII?

    @Gus_Harriador @stellacreasy @HautSpot ??? Wtf does that have to do with anything?

    @Jess_Munro @stellacreasy @HautSpot Equality. You only scream it when it suits.

    The "tampon tax" will next be raised with the European Commission, according to a UK Treasury minister.


    Last month, MPs voted against a Labour motion forcing the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the "tampon tax". An original version of this article incorrectly stated they had voted against scrapping the tax.