The New Tinder Service Will Charge You More Money If You’re Aged Over 28

Tinder Plus will charge you three times more if you’re older than 28.

1. A new service offered by Tinder allows users to use the app when they travel abroad and reverse right-swipes – but it’s charging significantly more money to people over the age of 28.

2. According to the Evening Standard, users under the age of 28 will be charged £3.99 a month if they use Tinder Plus, but those over the age of 28 will be charged £14.99.

Although the app will remain free, the option to make unlimited right-swipes will no longer be available unless users sign up to Tinder Plus. The new service will also hide ads, which are being introduced later this month.

According to Tech Crunch, the paid version will be available for under $10 in the US.

  1. Would you pay for this service if you're over the age of 28?
    1. Yes! Tinder is a great place full of wonderful, non-creepy people!
    2. No. I’d rather spend that extra money on wine.

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