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Students At Imperial College Discover The Answer Sheet Stapled To Back Of Exam Paper

"Surely the best start to any of my exams."

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The 40 first-year Electrical and Information Engineering students at the top university burst out laughing in the middle of the exam when they realised the error.

One of the students, speaking to the newspaper The Tab, said: "I raised my hand briefly, hoping to inform the invigilators of the error, but quickly retracted it after realising I might be the only one with the mark scheme. On looking around, I heard one of my peers sniggering at the front of the exam hall, and then seconds later the whole hall was in stitches as our examiners looked on blankly. Surely the best start to any of my exams."

When the students informed the exam invigilators of the error, they halted the exam, removed the mark schemes from the test, and gave it back.

Imperial College London commented: "The department reviewed the situation carefully and concluded that students would not have been able to use the information to any advantage during the short time they had access to part of the answer scheme."