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Some Guys Are Re-Creating Photos To Show What Girls Do On Instagram

#OOTD #LovingLife #100DaysOfHappy #Blessed

Some men decided to take some Instagram snaps inspired by the question: "What if guys did the stuff girls do?"

In a blog post on Witty + Pretty, Ashley Hesseltine asked her friends to take amusing snaps to re-create shots that are commonly seen on girls' Instagram accounts.

Here are some of the best.

1. The "cozy coffee" shot.

2. The "aerial coffee in bed" shot.

3. The "#Blessed hot dog legs" shot.

4. The "Marilyn Monroe quote" shot.

5. The "fashion blogger Pic Stitch" shot.

6. The "cupcake" shot.

7. The "sneaky dog selfie" shot.

8. The "outfit of the day (OOTD) selfie" shot.

9. The "gym selfie reflection" shot.

10. The "eat clean/green smoothie selfie" shot.

11. The "BFF birthday Pic Stitch" shot.

12. The "skinny arm pose and/or sorority squat" shot.

You can follow the Instagram account for more amusing photos.

In the meantime, can someone make a "What It Would Look Like If Girls Acted Like Guys On Instagram"?

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