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10 Sexist Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen During The World Cup

Gender stereotyping: fun for both sexes!

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2. There will be television adverts in which a woman is nagging a man and interrupting him from his football game.


3. There will be articles about football accompanied by photos of women in sexy "football" outfits.


Let's not forget the television adverts of women running around in bikinis too.

5. People will explain the rules to football in very easy-to-understand chunks of information for the woman's tiny girly brain to fully comprehend.

6. If a man doesn't want to watch football — or if says he doesn't care much for the World Cup — he'll be treated like an alien.

7. Comments like these will be made: "That player kicks like a girl!", "My mum would have made that goal!", and "You know a lot about football — for a woman!"


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