Sarah Michelle Gellar And Anthony Head Had A "Buffy" Reunion And It Was So Adorable

Buffy and Giles, together again!

Here is Sarah Michelle Gellar with Anthony Head, aka Buffy with Giles, in a photo that made all Buffy fans so incredibly happy.

In a photo Gellar tweeted out last night, the ‘Slayer’ is grinning with her ‘Watcher’ as they held up their matching wristbands.

Gellar captioned the photo with: “@AnthonySHead Best surprise visit ever! It’s #CoolToBeKind Thanks for the bracelets.”

The wristbands were in support of Cool to be Kind, an organization created by Head and Sarah Fisher that promotes kindness to animals.

This isn’t the first Buffy reunion we’ve freaked out over.

Remember when Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green hung out?

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