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Russell Brand Tears Into Fox News Anchor Over His Reporting On Gaza

He also describes the anchor as "looking like a Ken doll."

In the latest installment on his YouTube page comedian Russell Brand has criticised Fox News anchor Sean Hannity’s coverage of the Gaza conflict.

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In the video, Hannity is shown interviewing Yousef Munayyer, the Executive Director of The Palestine Center.

Brand cuts to his commentary throughout the 11-minute long video. When speaking about Hannity, he says: "He's not interested in truth. Sean Hannity is only interested in pushing a perspective. You might say 'so are you Russell' and I am. But that perspective is this - peace."

Brand also describes Hannity as looking like a Ken doll, saying: "I don't mean to be petty or trivial but Hannity looks like the Ken doll from Toy Story 3."

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