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    23 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Tunisia

    Many Tunisians have expressed their fear that the recent attack will deter people from visiting. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't avoid this beautiful country.

    1. Sidi Bou Said, a town in northern Tunisia.

    FETHI BELAID / Getty Images

    2. It's known for its use of blue and white colours and its medina has been classified as a world heritage site.

    Flickr: archer10 / Via Creative Commons

    3. The beaches in Hammamet, another town in Tunisia.

    MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

    4. The city of Kairouan.

    Gianni Ferrari / Getty Images

    5. Kairouan is known for the Great Mosque of Kairouan...

    Flickr: romaincloff / Via Creative Commons

    6. ...which is particularly beautiful at night.

    Flickr: newweird / Via Creative Commons

    7. The 500-year-old pottery workshops on Djerba Island...

    FETHI BELAID / Getty Images

    8. ...where lovely objects are made.

    FETHI BELAID / Getty Images

    9. The Barrazim mosque in the Tunisian town of Houmt Souk.

    FETHI BELAID / Getty Images

    10. The souks of Djerba, where intricate designs are carved into copper disks.

    FETHI BELAID / Getty Images

    11. The beaches of the island of Djerba...

    Flickr: alexandmac / Via Alex and Mac / Creative Commons

    12. ...and its stunning sunsets.

    Flickr: alexandmac / Via Creative Commons

    13. Tataouine in southern Tunisia...

    Gabriele Fontana / Via Creative Commons

    14. ...the same city in which Star Wars was filmed!

    Angel Arcones / Via Creative Commons

    15. The temple of Minerva.

    Flickr: archer10 / Via Creative Commons

    16. The amphitheatre and other impressive Roman ruins in El Djem.

    Flickr: archer10 / Via Dennis Jarvis / Creative Commons

    17. The ancient El Ghriba Synagogue on the island of Djerba.

    Flickr: t_abdelmoumen / Via Creative Commons

    18. A ride on the Red Lizard train...

    Flickr: 41173345@N03 / Via Creative Commons

    19. ...which makes some stops along the way.

    Flickr: archer10 / Via Creative Commons

    20. The stunning Sahara sands...

    Flickr: 33037982@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    21. ...and exploring them by camel.

    Flickr: veroyama / Via Creative Commons

    22. The oases of Tunisia...

    Flickr: archer10 / Via Creative Commons

    23. ...where Tunisians welcome you to visit.

    Flickr: archer10 / Via Dennis Jarvis / Creative Commons

    24. Please share your favourite places or things to do in Tunisia in the comments below.

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