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The Man Who Spent Thousands On Surgery To Become A Real-Life Ken Doll Is Launching A Doll Of Himself

The Brazilian will be modelling it on his own Ken-like appearance.

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Celso Santebanes, a Brazilian model and actor who spent around £30,000 on surgery to become a "real-life Ken doll", is bringing out a doll based on himself.

Santebanes had operations on his nose, chin, and jaw, and silicone implants inserted into his chest to replicate the Ken-doll physique.

But the attention the 20-year-old gets from being Ken was not enough, so he flies to L.A. next month to launch the "Celso doll".

He shared what the prototype would look like on his Instagram.

According to the Daily Mail, Santebanes is "addicted" to looking in the mirror, and even "behaves like a puppet" in real life to mimic a doll.

His Instagram consists of selfies, media appearances, and more selfies.

He says he plans to have more surgery, expects to star in a reality TV show, and charges as much as £10,000 ($16,849) for a VIP appearance at nightclubs.

Many are speculating whether the "real-life Ken doll" will one day meet the "real-life Barbie", including Santebanes himself.

In the meantime, we can appreciate his serious selfie game.