Police Ask Facebook Users To Stop Calling Them When The Site Goes Down

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department kindly reminded people, “We do not know when Facebook will be back up.”

On Friday morning, Facebook had a brief outage affecting the Los Angeles area. According to Sgt. Burton Brink of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, many residents called 911 as a result of the social network going down.

Brink decided to tweet out the following message to prevent any further calls being made:

Twitter users were quick to verify whether the sergeant was joking or not.

No, really, is he joking or not?

@Brad_Lovett @sistertoldjah Yes, they do. We get it all the time.

— Sgt. Brink (@LASDBrink)

OK, so people really do call the police when Facebook goes down.

Yes we got calls #facebookdown That is why I sent out my previous msg to prevent them. Unk number received on 911 or reg number TY #LASD

— Sgt. Brink (@LASDBrink)



— Jordan Valinsky (@jordan327)

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