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People Have Very Strong Feelings About Meghan Trainor's "Sexist" New Video

"Dear future husband, If you wanna get that special lovin', tell me I'm beautiful each and every night." Or not.

Have you seen Meghan Trainor's latest music video, "Dear Future Husband"?

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It features the singer describing her ideal husband and saying how she'd be a great wife.

In some scenes, she's seen cooking in the kitchen and scrubbing the kitchen floor.

Despite Trainor's popularity, it's safe to say a lot of people were left unimpressed by the song.

Mic wrote that the video shows Trainor basing her "self-worth on male acceptance".

Many people on Twitter criticised the singer, saying that she was not an inspiration to women.

Others said that despite her "1950s inspiration", it was still a "sexist" song and video.

I know Meghan Trainor's music is suppose to sound all 1950's but it doesn't mean the lyrics have to be from that sexist era too

meghan trainor needs to take a women's studies class at the taylor swift school for pop stars who can't feminist good

Thanks @Meghan_Trainor for setting the feminist movement back 50 years us ladies really appreciate it :))) #DearFutureHusband

I have no respect for meghan trainor

But Trainor fans were quick to defend the singer. They praised the song as catchy.

Congrats to my @Meghan_Trainor for his incredible new video I love it you r one inspiration for me #DearFutureHusband 💕

LOVE the new #MeghanTrainor video for #DearFutureHusbandVideo!!!! To hell with the haters.

Many others shared their favourite moments of the video with her.

@Meghan_Trainor #DearFutureHusbandVideo I like the full video, but there are the most favorite parts of this👍 Love u

@Meghan_Trainor I definitely love me love the song is perfect that talent admire you 😍 https://t.co/xVHpknHeVJ

Other fans labelled those criticising Trainor as "anti-feminist".

IF MEGHAN TRAINOR WANTS TO BUY HER FUTURE HUSBAND GROCERIES, LET HER!! Trashing another girl for not being feminist is very ANTI-feminist‼️

But, to be honest, the most groundbreaking opinion on Trainor has to be this: