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    People Are Taking "Dog Selfies" To Support The 60 Dogs That Died In a Fire

    Over £500,000 has been raised for Manchester Dogs' Home, which was destroyed by fire last night. Now a #ManchesterDogsHome social media campaign is underway to support its recovery.

    In response to the fire that broke out at Manchester Dogs’ Home last night – killing at least 60 dogs – devastated animal lovers are sharing "dog selfies" to support the shelter.

    People are sharing their dog selfies on a Facebook page called Dog Selfie for Manchester Dogs' Home alongside screengrabs of their donations to the shelter's reconstruction.

    Many of the dogs in the dog selfies were previous occupants of Manchester Dogs' Home, and the page already has 2,200 likes at time of writing.

    The shelter's JustGiving page has raised over £500,000, and hundreds of people are leaving messages of support.

    The amount of money that's being donated keeps growing.

    The campaign also spread to Twitter, with the hashtag #ManchesterDogsHome being used by other dog lovers.

    Seriously how can you say no to him. Get donating. #ManchesterDogsHome

    Just donated #manchesterdogshome help if you can,that's where this girl came from in 2005,still going strong...

    The Manchester Dogs' Home had a capacity of 400 dogs. Around 150 dogs were rescued from the fire.

    A young man is currently being questioned by police on suspicion of arson.