People Are Saying That Rolf Harris Wouldn’t Sexually Assault Vanessa Feltz Because “He Has Standards”

Others are tweeting that she made the claim “for publicity.”

Presenter Vanessa Feltz has received a torrent of abuse on Twitter after she claimed she had been assaulted by Rolf Harris on live television.

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Feltz told the Daily Express that Harris, who has been jailed for nearly 6 years for indecent assaults against four girls, tried to put his hands up her dress during an interview for Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast in 1996.

Since Feltz made the claim, she said she received an “outpouring of misogyny and hatred.”

Some tweeted that he is “perverted but not blind.”

Others tweeted that if it were true, he could have claimed “insanity” and should be sectioned.

If Rolf Harris really did grope Vanessa Feltz, then not only should he be incarcerated ... he should probably be sectioned.

— Dandino (@dandino66)

Rolf Harris defence attorney must be gutted Vanessa Feltz didn't mention the sexual assault before . He could have claimed insanity.

— Paul Dockerty (@pdockerty)

"Vanessa Feltz claims Rolf Harris put his hand under her knickers on live TV" He's a Peado, not Mental

— Stuart Breadner (@shootbacknews)

Some believed that even convicted sexual predators like Rolf Harris has “standards.”

Vanessa Feltz claims Rolf Harris groped her. Surely even Rolf Harris has standards?

— Jack (@JDB92_)

I knew Rolf Harris was sick touching kids, but I didn't think he was that sick to touch Vanessa Feltz @vanessafeltz

— Anthony Gaffney (@antog101)

Rolf Harris accused of feeling up Vanessa Feltz now. IS THERE NO LIMIT TO HOW LOW THIS MAN CAN GO?

— Kev Page (@RumblingHoof)

Feltz blasted the trolls, saying that their comments are why victims of sexual assault do not come forward to speak out.

That didn’t stop some tweeters believe that her claim was for publicity.

Vanessa Feltz claims Rolf Harris groped her. Lol I'm not having any of it. Who are you kidding love

— Daniel Devaney (@Devaneyy)

#UberLaughs How convenient, Vanessa Feltz comes out with Rolf Harris claims just as she's about to open her health club. Fatness First.

— UberLaughs (@UberLaughs)

As if Vanessa Feltz could keep her gob shut for all these years... The woman who's built a career on being "outspoken". #RolfHarris

— jaiden micheal (@jaidenofficial)

Feltz said that because of this reaction, “you can see why people don’t come forward. I’m 52 and I can handle myself so imagine if I was a seven-year-old child, or 12 or 17.”

Vanessa feltz claims rolf harris groped her, u wish vanessa even jimmy saville would of side stepped u ya fuckin minger

— Frank Smith (@biggf69)

We now have indisputable proof that Rolf Harris is a pervert. He actually finds Vanessa Feltz Attractive?

— Wayne (@LovattWayne)

I think what Rolf Harris did was disgusting. I mean,who the fuck in their right mind would touch Vanessa Feltz.

— terence hodkinson (@erichoko96)

News: Rolf Harris faces serious charges in relation to Vanessa Feltz What would this be about, then - the bill for her fucking burger tab?

— Soraya (@sorayasaikal)

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