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Over 1,000 Children Under The Age Of 10 Have Been Stopped And Searched By Police In The UK

In some cases, children under the age of five were targeted.

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A new report has found that since 2009, 1,136 stop and searches were carried out on children under the age of 10 by police, despite being below the age of criminal responsibility.

The report was conducted by The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children and collected data released by 22 police forces.


The Metropolitan Police did not provide data for this report. However, between 2011 and 2013, the force had recorded 136 stop and searches of children under the age of ten, six of which were of children under five.

Data provided by forces suggests that stop and search is used disproportionately on black and minority ethnic children and young people.

More than one million stop and searches were carried out on people under the age of 18 across 26 forces between 2009 and 2013, 29% of whom were black and 12.1% of whom were Asian.

However, the Association of Chief Police Officers said that these results were inaccurate due to a "recording error."

Commander Adrian Hanstock, said an error that "gave the person a default age of zero when no address was entered has led to an inaccurate figure of children under 10 years old who were allegedly searched".