The Most Perfect And Pure Dogs I've Seen On Instagram In 2016

    Be the dog you wish to see in the world.

    1. This golden retriever wrapped in festive lights.

    What a happy dog, 11/10.

    2. Staying on the golden theme, these other festive pups dressed in Christmas-themed clothes.

    Merry dog-mas!

    3. This swimming corgi...

    4. There are lots of swimming dogs on Instagram!

    Doggie paddling!

    5. These sleeping puppies lined up like toasty cinnamon rolls.

    6. These puppies having a little puppy party.

    This video above made my soul cry.

    7. And this puppy party! So happy.

    8. This posing pup.

    "Paint me like one of your French pups."

    9. This pupper contemplating life.

    10. This dog who deserves to WIN AN OSCAR in this starring role...

    11. ...and who starred in not one, but two of the best dog videos of the year. Here he is doing the mannequin challenge.

    12. This golden retriever who celebrated the Olympics!

    13. And another golden having a little sleep with a toy golden.

    (Golden retrievers are my one of my favourite breeds, in case that's not clear.)

    14. Any dog who has graced the arms of Tom Hardy.

    15. This lil' chow chasing a hoover.

    16. And last but not least, these two pup pals embracing each other, staring out into the distance, looking to take on anything that goes down in 2017.