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Men's Rights Activists Are Leaving Anti-Feminism Notes In "Everyday Sexism" Books

"Say no to feminism. Women lie about rape."

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Members of the "Men's Rights Initiative" are targeting their anger at feminist books by leaving hateful notes inside of Everyday Sexism books in bookstores.

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The Everyday Sexism book is based on the website of the same name which documents examples of sexism as reported by contributors around the world. By April 2013 the site had collected 25,000 entries from 15 countries.

The founder of Everyday Sexism, Laura Bates, discovered the notes after several readers tweeted photos to the @EverydaySexism Twitter account.

Laura Bates / Via Everyday Sexism

One of the notes include messages saying: "Say no to feminism. Women lie about rape."

Laura Bates jokingly told BuzzFeed: "When I first saw these notes, I felt terrified that their astute arguments, catchy type face and tight logic might sway the reader more than the statistics, facts and analysis inside the 384 page book."

Another note said: "Feminism = misandry. Say NO to man hating. Say YES to the Men's Rights Initiative."

She added: "I guess all I can do now is wait to see who the readers ultimately agree with. "The Everyday Sexism book is available to buy today.