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This Mannequin's Size Is Being Called "Harmful" To Women's Body Image

The mannequin, spotted in a Whistles store in central London, has been criticised by a number of eating disorder charities.

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Eating disorder charities and campaigners have voiced their concern over this very thin mannequin that is being used in a Whistles store in Angel, London:

Amina Hays, 32, from London, shared a picture of the mannequin on Instagram with the caption: “Because having a mannequin specifically made with a protruding breast bone will definitely solve women’s body issues.”

A number of eating disorder charities have criticised Whistles – a popular clothing chain with a number of high-profile fans, including Kate Middleton – for failing to recognise its responsibility as a retailer.

A spokesperson from Beat, a leading charity supporting anyone affected by eating disorders, told BuzzFeed News it was disappointing to see such an "obviously underweight" mannequin in the high street.

"This stereotype can be extremely harmful to some and while the fashion industry doesn't directly cause eating disorders, it has a powerful influence that is highly toxic to some vulnerable young people," she added.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Marg Oaten – the secretary and co-founder of SEED Eating Disorder Support Services – said: "Without doubt the mannequin is not a realistic reflection of a body size and shape. It is outrageous to portray this as acceptable – people may aspire to this body shape whilst people with an eating disorder, may in fact consider themselves not thin enough."

Whistles is not alone. Last year, Topshop mannequins were criticised after a student’s tweet of her standing next to one went viral.

The girl on the left is a size 8/10. #Topshop #poorbodyimage #irresponsible #fashion #highstreet 😪

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The girl on the left is a size 8/10. #Topshop #poorbodyimage #irresponsible #fashion #highstreet

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BuzzFeed News has contacted Whistles for a comment.

Rossalyn Warren is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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