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Women Are Taking The Piss Out Of A Man Who Argued Men Have Taxes Targeted At Them


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Yesterday a charity launched a campaign aiming to break the stigma surrounding periods, by asking people to share selfies of themselves holding tampons.


The campaign was launched with a piece on V.Point, which said that "it's time to have a big conversation about periods".

The #JustATampon campaign – which asked people to support Plan UK's menstrual health work worldwide by donating £3 – was supported by a number of celebrities, including Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow:

#Justatampon support the effort to stop taxing a female necessity :Text Tampon to 70007 to donate £3 to @planUK

Snow's tweet received some mixed replies. One response that caught the eye of Twitter users was the following:

Bruce Everiss, a veteran games industry marketer, responded to Snow's tweet by saying that men had many taxes targeted at their gender, including "trousers". He explained his theory in greater detail in a blog post:

His "trousers" theory prompted an amusing response on Twitter:

"Trousers. QED." – me, ending all arguments from this day onward

Or people, you know, responded like this:

.@Bruciebabe I know right? Bleednig is sooo luxurious. Want me to take mine out and sit on your lap sweetie? @MintRoyale @aljwhite

That is all.

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