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    Danny Dyer Apologises For Licking Mary Berry's Ear When He Was "Off His Head"

    He said he loves the Great British Bake Off star.

    Actor Danny Dyer said he was "off his head" when he hugged Mary Berry and stuck his tongue in her ear at the TV Choice Awards last month.

    The 37-year-old Eastenders actor was accepting an award for Best Soap when he approached Berry.

    Dyer told The Sun: "After my last little turnout, I had to behave myself. I wouldn't advise anyone to accept an award off your head."

    However, the actor made it clear that he admired the Great British Bake Off star. He added: "I just want to send my love to Mary Berry, who I respect and love. ... I really admire her and want to give her a cuddle. I love everything about her."

    In the meantime, we can share Dyer's appreciation for Berry by reading this blog about her eating things.