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    Teenage Sex Attacker Was Caught When Police Discovered His "How To Commit A Crime" Checklist

    It included "wear black" and "grab".

    A teenager who sexually assaulted and robbed a woman wrote a five-point check-list reminding him how to commit a crime.

    Zack Jackson, 19, slapped his 19-year-old victim, stole her phone, and sexually assaulted her in Blackpool, Lancashire.

    The victim's father used a tracking app to locate his daughter's phone, and when police officers located and searched Jackson's home, they found a check-list instructing him how to commit a crime written in a notebook.

    The check-list included: "Wear black," "Gloves," "Warm up," "Watch for CCTV," and "Grab".

    Jackson, who was 18 years old at the time of committing the crime, pleaded guilty to robbery and sexual assault to Preston Crown Court. Jackson will be placed on the Sex Offender's Register indefinitely.