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    31 Shocking Roles Directors Have Asked Women To Audition For

    "Must be curvy, sexy, slim and busty. (Please be realistic.)"

    1. Casting Call Woes has been collecting some of the worst casting call requests from directors.

    2. A casting call is a pre-production process for selecting a cast. These postings are put on casting websites for actors who are searching for jobs.

    3. The Casting Call Woes Tumblr page is full of sexist, bizarre, and often shocking casting call requests.


    5. BuzzFeed spoke to the founder of Casting Call Woes, who said that these types of requests are very common.


    7. These casting calls offer a glimpse into the jobs made available to actors.




    11. The directors who post casting calls often have very few security checks when they sign up to the casting websites.

    12. Despite this, the blog's founder said that actors are often asked to meet directors at their homes.

    13. She told BuzzFeed that she knew a young actor who went to meet a director for a role. He then attempted to take her to his car.


    15. Actors are often asked to work for no pay.

    16. They are often requested to be young and not "past it."

    17. Oh, and they're often asked to be nude.


    19. Some of the casting calls are bizarre.

    20. Sometimes you just can't make them up.

    21. And, well, sometimes there are no words.



    24. The Casting Call Woes founder said that people would often say to her: "Actors do not need to take those jobs."

    25. She commented that while that is true, she set up the Tumblr page to show the public what actors often have to face when looking for work.




    29. She said that actors are tired of searching through casting calls only to find that they need to be young, thin, and "sexy."