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    British Healthcare Is Rated The Best In The World, America’s Is The Worst

    According to a new study, The NHS is the best healthcare in the world.

    The National Health Service came top in a study of 11 nations' healthcare systems, carried out by The Commonwealth Fund, a foundation based in Washington.

    An international panel of experts praised the NHS who rated it first out of the 11 countries — including France, New Zealand, and the U.S. — in eight of the 11 measures of care.

    The report commented on access to healthcare, saying: "The Netherlands, UK, and Germany provide universal coverage with low out-of-pocket costs while maintaining quick access to specialty services."

    In this gif, Austin Powers is representative of the NHS.

    The report, titled Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, described U.S. healthcare as the worst globally.

    Despite the country investing the most money in health, the U.S. doesn't care for patients without health insurance. The report comments: "The U.S. is strong on waiting times for specialist care, but weak on access to needed services and ability to obtain prompt attention from primary care physicians."

    Here's a graph showing the overall healthcare rankings:

    The report used data from patients, doctors and the World Health Organisation. You can read it here. I'll conclude this by reiterating how great the NHS is:

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