42 Of The Best, Worst, And Weirdest Messages Ever Sent On Tinder

    These people need to be stopped. Thanks to Tinderlines.com, we can document the worst of the worst.

    1. The way to a girl's heart is The Lion King.

    2. Hey, you look familiar.

    3. That was quick.

    4. Oh snap.

    5. Fergalicious.

    6. Warning: Pregnancy may occur.

    7. Slow it down there.

    8. Who says romance is dead?

    9. Don't even bother.

    10. Excellent reply.

    11. This sounds amazing.

    12. Excuses.

    13. Let's just cut to the chase.

    14. I'm sensing a little hostility here.

    15. This reply is perfect.

    16. "Surprisingly."

    17. TGIF.

    18. He waited ONE YEAR to send that second message.

    19. Steady on, mate.

    20. Well, do you?

    21. Sloths :(

    22. Well, I wasn't expecting that.

    23. He really likes Greek yogurt.

    24. "So, where did you two meet?"

    25. The Mean Girls references are just the best.

    26. So sexy.

    27. This is like Sophie's Choice.

    28. This *is* emotional.

    29. Dan has just realised his whole life is a lie.

    30. Well that got pretty dark quickly.

    31. Ryan seems sweet.

    32. Devin seems keen.

    33. Excellent use of emojis.

    34. It all went by so fast.

    35. Let's be real.

    36. Just no.

    37. This is SO us.

    38. Drake lyrics, sure, why not?

    39. So that escalated quickly.

    40. So she's that kinda girl.

    41. Tinder from, erm, prison.

    42. Any advice for a newborn child?