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WTF Is Happening In This Clip From An Old British Children's TV Show

WTF is happening?

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Over the last week or so, this bizarre video clip from British children's TV show Stupid! has gone viral.

British tv was so fucking weird looool


Yates told us what he remembers of the day the "Bendy Wendy" clip was filmed.

"So, if I can remember correctly, one of the characters I played used to get his finger possessed by the devil," he told BuzzFeed, "and I would end up running around poking people and generally causing havoc.

"In this particular scene, I think I've just come away from another one of those situations and instead bump into a new character called 'Bendy Wendy' who has the need to bend people's fingers.

"As you can see, it's all very romantic, ha ha."

Yates said he finds it hilarious that the clip has now gone viral after so many years.

"I didn't expect the video to go viral at all," he said. "It's been over 10 years since we filmed it, so for it to resurface again after all this time is both hilarious and surreal.

"However I still get recognised for it now, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. It was only the other day that the band supporting us at a gig mentioned it!"

So there you have it! Now repeat after me: Beeennnddddyyy Weeeenndddy.

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