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    Ariana Grande Spoke Out Against The Way Women's And Men's Magazines Are Sold

    "Men read Vogue, too."

    Last night, Ariana Grande's mother, Joan, tweeted two photos: one of a "women's interests" magazine section, and a second of a "men's interests" section. She then asked her Twitter followers what was wrong with how the magazines were split.

    The women's magazine section was filled by mostly fashion, beauty, and celebrity news. Meanwhile, the men's section had movie, science, and business magazines.

    Ariana replied, saying the magazine display implied women only cared about "tabloid" news and adding that women shouldn't have to go to the "men's section" to read about cars, business, and science.

    @joangrande oh! so women are only interested in tabloids& if I want to read about cars, business, science I have to go to the MEN'S section?

    She said she also knows "many men" who read what's deemed as "women's" magazines, too.

    @joangrande and I know mannnnnnnny men who are going to the magazine section for a Cosmo or Vogue or an Elle! 💅

    To further make her point, and to support her feminist mother, she tweeted hashtags that said "women read Forbes" and "men read Cosmo".

    ugh.. I love u my outspoken, feminist mama. #EveryonesInterests #MenReadCosmoAndVogue #WomenReadForbesAndRobbReport

    Many of her fans were in support of her views, retweeting her thousands of times. However, when she received some backlash from those who didn't see it as a problem, she sent this message:

    if you don't have anything nice to say, don't. say. it. ✨ respect 1 another. body boundaries! celebrate our differences & stop shaming them💭

    Yes, Ariana <3