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MP Jess Phillips Read Out The Names Of Every Woman Killed By Men In The Last Year

Phillips silenced the House of Commons on International Women's Day with a powerful speech highlighting violence against women.

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Labour MP Jess Phillips read aloud the names of women who had been killed in the UK since last year's International Women's Day on Tuesday in a speech that "stunned" the House of Commons into silence.

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During a debate on International Women's Day on Tuesday afternoon, Phillips remembered the 120 women who had been murdered by men in the last 12 months – equivalent to one death every three days. The MP for Birmingham Yardley said she wished to give a "voice" to honour those who had died.

Phillips has been a vocal campaigner for the introduction of stronger laws to protect women at risk of domestic violence and has personal experience of working alongside survivors.

In her speech, she stressed that the women who lost their lives were murdered by men "they should have been able to trust", and that perpetrators were not always "feckless drunks" but also "respected fathers, City bankers, eminent lawyers".

She told the Commons: "Commonly, women are murdered by partners, husbands, and boyfriends. But also in some cases by their fathers, their sons, their brothers.

"These were not all poor women. These were women of every age. They were teachers, dinner ladies, doctors, dancers, and daughters."

Phillips, who told MPs they "must not let them die in vain", thanked the Counting Dead Women project, run by Karen Ingala Smith. With the support of Women's Aid, the project maintains the only database of women "killed by fatal male violence" in the UK, a record it has been keeping since 2012.

You can watch Phillips deliver the speech here:

Facebook: video.php

Here are the names she read out loud:

Lucy Ayris, 25

Alison Wilson, 36

Janet Muller, 21

Melissa Liddle,23

Sarah Pollock, 41

Jill Goldsmith, 49

Zaneta Balazova, 23

Cecilia Powell, 95

Marian Smith, 74

Violet Price, 80

Karen Buckley, 24

Susan Davenport, 63

Sandra Thomas, 57

Sarah Fox, 27

Bernadette Fox, 57

Aileen Bell, 60

Frances Cleary-Senior, 49

Tracey Woodford, 47

Mariola Cudworth, 36

Anna Rosenberg, 43

Wendy Milligan, 46

Gloria Perring, 76

Mahala Rhodes,42

Marta Ligman, 23

Emma Crowhurst, 36

Joanna Doman, 55

Shiggi Rethishkumar, 35

Neya Rethishkumar, 13

Niya Rethishkumar, 13

Grace Kissell, 33

Jan Jordon, 48

Ramute Butkiene, 42

Anne Dunkley, 67

Phyllis Hayes, 65

Nazia Akhtar, 31

Nadia Khan, 24

Jennifer Edwards, 45

Stacey Henderson, 35

Rita Stephens, 67

Jennifer Williams, 25

Amy Smith, 17

Anita Kapoor, 34

Linda Norcup, 46

Lisa Anthony, 47

Ava Anthony, 14

Lorraine Barwell, 54

Laura Davies, 21

Tracey Baker, 42

Florisse Corette, 81

Isobel (known as Becky) Parker, 23

Gillian Phillips, 54

Amal Abdi, 21

Jenny Foote, 38

Miriam Nyazema, 35

Denisa Silman, 25

Jennifer Dornan, 30

Jan Bennett, 67

Laura Holden, 36

Elife Beqa, 34

Katelyn Parker, 24

Elizabeth Nnyanzi, 31

Wendy Mann, 26

Lauren Masters, 20

Samantha Ho, 39

Natalia Strelchenko, 38

Julie Collier, 55

Karen Reid, 53

Petra Atkinson, 42

Anne Marrie Cropper, 47

Nicola Cross, 37

Shelley Saxton-Cooper, 45

Sarrah Garba, 27

Jourdain John-Baptiste, 22

Maxine Showers, 42

Helen Lancaster, 54

Malgorzata Marczak, 29

Usha Patel, 44

Leighanne Cameron, 29

Imelda Molina, 49

Kerry Reeves, 26

Christine Tunnicliffe-Massey, 57

Bianca Shepherd, 58

Barbara Barniecka, 43

Kayleigh Haywood, 15

Susan Mitchelson, 45

Kelly Pearce, 36

Jean Robertson, 85

Wendy Goodman, 48

Josephine Williamson, 83

Sian Roberts, 36

Hilda Mary Oakland, 71

Ravinder Jutla, 43

Jackie Abbott, 54

Lija Aroustamova, 52

Mumtaz Member, 56

Sian Blake, 43

Kathleen Griffin, 57

Mambero Ghebreflafie, 22

Daria Pionko, 21

Katie Locke, 23

Rita King, 81

Marjorie Elphick, 83

Katy Rourke, 25

Katrina O'Hara, 44

Georgina Symonds, 25

Lisa Lyttle, 49

Andrea Lewis, 51

India Chipchase 20

Guida Rufino, 38

Elidona Demiraj, 25

Geraldine Newman, 51

Caroline Andrews, 52

Sheila Jefferson, 73

Leanne Wall, 36

Jessica McGraa, 37

Maria Byrne, 35

Lisa Reynolds, 30

Natasha Bradbury, 28

Julie Hill, 51

Rose Hill , 75

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