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Tom Hardy Is The Dreamy Feminist Man You've Been Searching For

The release of Mad Max: Fury Road has only confirmed this fact.

Tom Hardy has always been a perfect human being.

He wears a suit like no one else in the world.

He can also rock a Simpsons onesie like a boss.

Not only is he a talented, wonderful man, but he also loves dogs.

Since the release of the Mad Max: Fury Road, even more people are falling in love with Hardy.

They're caressing his chiseled face.

He's become a feminist poster boy to many admirers.

In the movie, he makes a great sidekick to the badass women fighting for their survival.

He helps out Furiosa while she takes down their enemy.

He says all the right things.

He says he has a "tremendous and profound respect" for women.

He says that Theron is the lead in Mad Max...

...and that it's about time we had better female leads in action movies.

"Mad Max is not actually in the driver's seat in this movie. It's about time you had better female leads in action movies. This is not a feminist argument, it's a person-hood situation. This is how we ought to reflect the times — not so much strong women, but just people. You know, you have a male and a female who are both just person-hood situations on both sides of the gender. I wouldn't put it past George to come up with a transgender [hero], do you what I mean? He's not the type of person who's going to mince his words."

Let this serve as a reminder that Hardy has always been perfect.

*Heart eye emoji forever*