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An Important Reminder That Dustin Hoffman Is A Master Of Disguise

A man of many talents.

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Beloved actor Dustin Hoffman is best known for his Oscar-winning performances in Kramer vs. Kramer and Rain Man.

AP Photo/Koji Sasahara

But what Hoffman truly deserves recognition for is his incredible ability to blend seamlessly into his surroundings while hiding from photographers.

EM43 / Splash News

These photos of Hoffman hiding behind lampposts and postboxes in Brentwood, California, prove that the man is a master of disguise.

EM43 / Splash News

Some* argue that Hoffman's ability to contort his body into the shape of a postbox is one of his most underrated talents.

EM43 / Splash News


So if this post teaches us anything, it's that Hoffman could be hiding from, watching, or walking past you any time, any place, and you ~may never know~.

PhamousFotos / Splash News

H/T to this Dustin Hoffman Tumblr blog for reminding the world about his wonderful talent.

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