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A Woman With Cancer Had This Perfect Response To The "Hold A Coke With Your Boobs" Challenge

"Breast cancer is not fun and sexy."

It was revealed this week that a viral breast cancer “awareness” campaign was a stunt started by an adult entertainment company.

The campaign encouraged women to take a selfie of themselves holding a can of Coke between their breasts.

Danny Frost, the man behind the fake #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge campaign, said his company started it "as a joke" and that they "went with it" when people believed it was for a breast cancer charity.

But as hundreds of women shared photos of themselves taking the challenge, no charity associated itself with the campaign, which was described by many as “insensitive”.

One of the many people outraged by the campaign was Aimee Fletcher, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 months ago.

The 32-year-old was also recently diagnosed with bone metastasis.

Fletcher, who first saw the challenge on the day she attended a funeral of a friend who had died of breast cancer, said she is “sick” of “games” that don’t show the reality of cancer.

"Breast cancer is not fun and sexy," she told BuzzFeed News. "The treatment is gruelling... It's not glamorous and why people decide to take photos of the part of the body that breast cancer destroys is beyond me."

So, in response to the campaign, Fletcher decided to share her own photo:

Here's my #holdacokewithyourboobchallange don't I look beautiful #breastcancer #TheCWord @youngbcblog

Perfect. You can read about Fletcher's experiences about dealing with breast cancer on her blog here.