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A Woman Live-Tweeted An Excruciatingly Cringey Tinder Date She Heard In A Bar

BuzzFeed News spoke to Carrie Mantha, who claims that the man even began swiping Tinder while his date was in the bathroom.

While sitting in a restaurant bar in Manhattan ordering dinner, Carrie Mantha allegedly overheard a conversation being struck up between two people who met on Tinder.

Mantha, who runs an affordable couture company called Indira Collection but is also a physician, biotech consultant, and hedge-fund investor, told BuzzFeed News she decided to live-tweet what she heard on the cringeworthy date because "it's the kind of thing my friends would find amusing had they been sitting there with me".

The tweets begin with Mantha spotting the couple sitting next to her.

Sitting next to the most obnoxious Tinder couple ever. Dude is a 40-something trust fund baby, girl seems normal but inexplicably into him

The man, who Mantha describes as "40, kind of generically good-looking, casual but well-dressed with a definitively preppy style", opens with, well, the cringiest line ever.

Dude: "So I said 'I don't have time to wait; I have a biz to run.'" Girl: "What biz is that?" Dude: "the business of enjoying my life"

It gets worse: Mantha says that she hears him say that this is his third Tinder date of the day.

Dude just casually admitted it's his 3rd Tinder date OF THE DAY. Girl seems strangely amused, couple on the other side hilariously appalled

He makes a vague comment about his daughter, which confuses the girl.

Oh God, he just said "Theoretically I should be providing for my daughter, but really my parents do that." Girl looks slightly confused

He also lives up to Mantha's first impression by proving to be quite awful.

Apparently his 3-Tinder record today is marred with an * because he saw the girl come in, decided she wasn't as cute as her pic & snuck out

Mantha amusingly comments on what a "catch" he is.

It's really hard to believe this guy made it this far without anyone snatching him up. What a catch.

The man then goes into detail about his failed dates from earlier that day.

He's giving a rundown on what was wrong with prior Tinder dates. One girl was from Alabama and just wanted to watch FB all day (the horror!)

"And this one girl ate AN ENTIRE DESSERT before the date was over AND asked for a bite of mine." (Sadly, I am now officially not his type)

And informs the woman that he is a "serious" investor.

"I don't JUST fly around being a socialite, I also run a fund. I'm a serious investor." I assumed all serious investors were also socialites

Girl: "When did you become an investor?" Dude: "I've basically always been one" Girl: "What do you invest in? Dude: "Whatever I want"

When the woman goes to the bathroom, her date decides to...swipe through Tinder.

You guys, HE'S SWIPING THROUGH TINDER WHILE SHE'S IN THE BATHROOM. I think he might actually be an addict. Appears to be all right-swipes.

Then it just gets a bit weird.

Dude: "You like fighter planes? I know a lot about fighter planes" Girl: "Were you in the military?" Dude: "No I just like fighter planes"

Tinder dude just loudly referred to Obama as "the Trojan horse of Islam." Impressively synchronized choking-on-drink by couple next to him


Girl: "Have you been to Africa?" Dude: "I used to go on safari with my family, but that's how you get ebola - eating lion brains & stuff."

Tinder Dude: "I lead a really healthy lifestyle. I take a lot of naps and smoke a lot of weed." And, he's totally free from Ebola to boot.

Mantha describes how the man is keen to "build an app".

Oh yes. He's considering having someone build an app. Wait for it...Uber for dog walkers. Tweet me if you want in on the round. No cap, obvi

"I've never done any drugs that aren't socially acceptable. I mean, I did snowcaps back in the day but whatever." Snowcaps?

The "trust-fund prep", as Mantha describes him, then talks about the investments he's made.

Dude complaining that his brother is trustee of his mom's estate & won't release her money. "It's family money, it's not like it's hers" Wow

"Everyone knows I'm the best investor in the family. Two of my brothers already spent their entire inheritance." #lowbar

This guy is like the Ron Burgundy of trust fund babies.

Then quickly turns the conversation back to himself, unsurprisingly.

"I only have guns because all these derelicts out there have guns. And because they're fun." He is packing in the topics for a 1st date...

Oh lord... "Do you have any like old samurai swords that have been in your family for centuries?" (Girl is Asian) #cringing

He tries to woo his date with his wine collection.

"I have a huge wine collection if you want to see it. I hardly show it to any of my Tinder dates." #whitestthingsyoucansay

Then decides to make some horribly offensive comments...

We're back on foreign policy... "These ISIS guys are already in the city. They're driving cabs everywhere." #hideyourkidshideyourwife

...which, unsurprisingly, bring the date to an end.

Date appears to be ending unceremoniously kids, but good news: I've talked the bartender into alerting me when Mr. Tinder comes in next. <img src=""> <img src="">

Mantha told BuzzFeed News she wasn't expecting the conversation to be broadcast so widely.

"So many people were amused and the conversation kept getting funnier so I felt compelled to keep sharing," she said. Mantha said she's been receiving reactions and retweets from all over the world and that she found it amusing "to see people find the same humour in the situation regardless of where they were".

Mantha said she felt the man embraced "every stereotype", and that she hoped he wouldn't notice she was "sitting by myself transcribing their conversation".

Had Mantha's view on Tinder changed since allegedly overhearing this conversation?

"I've been happily married since the pre-Tinder days, so my experience with it has always been second-hand," she said. "I think it's fascinating how it's lowered the activation energy for interactions and enabled a lot of people to be more social than they would have been otherwise."

She added that "people are people" and that she had a feeling that the man "would have acted exactly the same way regardless of how he met his date – he just may not have been able to pull off three of them in a single day!"