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A Man Pranks His Brother By Covering His House In Pictures Of Nicolas Cage

He's been "Caged".

When Tim, from Melbourne, Australia, decided to prank his brother, Matt, he did what any brother would do: he covered his house with photos of Nicolas Cage's face.

Tim told Buzzfeed that he and and his fiancee came up with the idea because of his brother's dislike of the American actor.

Tim spent 5 to 6 hours finding different pictures of Cage on the internet.

Tim then printed 50 copies of paper with 64 Nicolas Cage faces per page, meaning he had 3,200 faces to play with.

3200 pictures of this face.

Wow. So much Nicolas Cage. Such greatness.

After five months of waiting for the perfect moment, Tim finally decided to strike when Matt went out to see a movie on his 30th birthday.

It took almost three hours to stick the faces around the house.

How sweet.

It took two weeks worth of evenings for Tim and his partners in crime to cut out all the faces.




Spotted: Nicolas Cage in the washing machine.

On toilet roll.

Warrior Nicolas Cage!

Nic Cage O'Clock.

Cleaning products, Nicolas Cage style.


Tim told Buzzfeed: "originally we wanted to stick them all in any place possible, but we were running the risk of the whole prank being spoiled if they came home and caught us, so we dumped the rest of the faces into the socks and mailbox."

Matt said that he didn't dislike Nicolas Cage up until his film The Wickerman.

He said the movie "killed" Cage for him, especially after the "...Not the BEES!!" scene.

He revealed that upon arriving home and discovering the first photo, he had said: Mmmmm.....Cage!" and then frantically hurried to get the door open to see what else had been "Caged".

He said he looked through the house, fighting back tears of laughter and shaking his head at every Cage he found muttering under his breath "F'n Cage. Everywhere."

Nicolas Cage was indeed everywhere, even on the eggs.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Mmmmm, Nicolas Cage cheese.

Cool Nicolas Cage.


Tim then shared some reaction photos of his brother discovering the photos.

Not impressed.