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A Group Of Party-Goers Turned A London Tube Carriage Into A Nightclub

...and no one knows why. Update: Now we know why.

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A group of people transformed a Northern Line tube carriage into a 'nightclub' with its very own bouncer, balloons and party tunes. The hilarious video can be seen here:

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In the video - which has been seen 45,000 times since yesterday - a red rope is seen separating the carriage from the 'nightclub' and a man dancing in a viking costume.

The 'bouncer' in the video is a man in the video clutching a clipboard, asking passengers entering the train carriage if they're on the guest-list. The 'security guard' adds: "It's a party tonight, OK. If you wait one minute you can come in. It's one in, one out, OK?"

Most passengers seem amused by the party-goers, and some are even seen dancing to the music.

No one knows why this happened, but we can only hope that more tube journeys are this entertaining in the future.

It turns out that Troll Station was behind the stunt. Nice work! Here is their video of the Northern Line party. The man in the video is comedian Mikey Bharj.