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    A Group Of Americans Is Showing What It's Like To Use Tinder In The West Bank Right Now

    These Ramallah-based Americans started using Grindr and Tinder to meet people. Now they're showing the world what people are saying.

    PalesTinder is a Tumblr page which documents how Israelis respond when they discover the person they are checking out on Tinder and Grindr lives in Ramallah, a city in the West Bank.

    It was set up by an anonymous group of young American professionals in their twenties, both men and women, who live and work in Ramallah.

    The Tumblr contains screengrabs of conversations they've been having with Israeli citizens.

    The group told BuzzFeed that they're all working in Ramallah for the summer, but that one member has lived there for more than two years. They include U.S. nationals and people with dual Palestinian-U.S. nationality.

    They added that the social experiment began in mid-June after the group's two founders were "checking out the 'Tinder scene' in Ramallah one evening on the couch in our apartment".

    They were shocked to find what they described as "overtly racist responses" from Israeli matches after revealing that they were teaching Palestinian children in Ramallah for the summer.

    They have since expanded to a group of seven people talking to Israeli citizens on Tinder and Grindr.

    They told BuzzFeed: "We think that it is an interesting, honest, and disturbing (and sometimes funny) reflection of the pervasiveness of racist sentiments within Israel."

    The group stressed that they did not go out of their way to "troll" people or goad them into the responses shared on the Tumblr.

    In fact, they say they are genuinely trying to meet people on Tinder and that they're "going through and looking for people we honestly would 'swipe right' for".

    They have broken the conversations into three groups.

    Group A "just stop talking to us or unmatch once they find out we live in Ramallah".

    Group B "react negatively to any mention of Ramallah and Palestine".

    These reactions range from calling them "terrorists"... lecturing them at length about "how stupid we are to believe that there is a place called Palestine".

    And finally, Group C are "people who are indifferent or claim to be 'non political' and still try to get us into bed".

    The people behind the Tumblr page foresee it ending when they leave the country at the end of the summer to go back to the U.S. This includes the member who has lived in Ramallah for two years, who is returning to the U.S. for graduate school.

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