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    A Doctor Told The Times If You Have Sex In The Reverse Cowgirl Position You're More Likely To Fracture Your Penis

    "It's probably best to have your partner facing you." Thanks, Dr Anderson!

    Five days ago, Suzi Godson – who writes a weekly sex and relationship column for The Times – published an piece answering a reader's concern about the "reverse cowgirl" position.

    The piece, titled "Will the 'cowgirl' position snap my husband's penis?", answered the following question from a reader in need of some sex advice:

    "Q: The "cowgirl" is our favourite position, however I've just read a news story saying that it can be dangerous for the penis, which can get fractured and cause an awful lot of pain. I'm now worried because my husband is 50. Should we be avoiding that position in the future?"

    The concerned reader was writing in response to this study reported in The Times the previous week:

    Look at that poor couple, so unaware of the dangers the cowgirl position brings.

    In today's Times letters page, a NHS doctor decided to chime in and offer his own insights into his experience dealing with patients who have penile fracture problems:

    Paul Anderson, a NHS genito-urethral reconstructive surgeon, warned that the position in question carries the greatest risk for penis injuries, speaking from his experience as a surgeon.

    His words of advice? "Unless there is a good reason not to look at your partner, it is probably best to have your partner facing you."

    Well then, the more you know.


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