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A Café Has Made A Nutella Doughnut Milkshake And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

Doughnuts + milkshakes + Nutella = perfect.

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If you're a fan of doughnuts, milkshakes, and Nutella, then you'll probably fall in love with the Tella Ball Shake.

The Tella Ball Shake is quite simply a milkshake with a Nutella-filled doughnut sticking out at the top.

Just look at it. It is glorious.

For the time being, the Nutella-doughnut-milkshake creation is only available in the Foodcraft Espresso café in Sydney, Australia.

The owners of the café, Aki Daikos and Simon Kappatos, created it after their Nutella-filled doughnuts were a popular hit with customers.

Let's not forget that this isn't the first time Australia has had ridiculous but delicious milkshakes.