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    14-Year-Old Girl Beats Up 35-Year-Old Man After He Attacks Her

    He was not aware that she was trained in martial arts.

    A school girl was grabbed by a man in a park as she walked home from school. But what he perhaps didn't expect was for the teenager to punch and kick the attacker, consequently leading to his arrest.

    The 14-year-old girl – who was attacked in Tilgate Park, Crawley, at 10am on Saturday morning – also happened to have been trained in and studied martial arts for several years.

    Sussex police arrested the 35-year-old attacker – who is described as being white, 5'7" and very thin – on suspicion of assault. Police are appealing for any witnesses to the incident to come forward.

    The police are appealing for information on the incident, which is not currently being linked to any others.

    Detective inspector Andy Bennett said: "Although we have made an arrest, we need to speak to anyone who was in Tilgate Park on Saturday morning and saw what happened. We need to find people who may have seen a man acting suspiciously in or around the park on Saturday or on other occasions."

    Attackers, take note: Don't mess with teenage girls. They'll kick your ass.