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    100 Inspiring Women Who Made History

    These lesser-known women deserve to be recognised for the awesome things they accomplished.

    In honour of Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani becoming the first woman to win the Fields Medal earlier this week, I've created a timeline of women who achieved inspiring things first. You can scroll through the timeline below.

    The women are (mostly) lesser known women and are from places across the world, such as India, Japan and America. The year shown in the timeline is the year that their accomplishment was made in areas such as space travel, film-making, sports, and politics.

    If you're viewing this on a mobile device, it may not be displaying. In which case, save the page and have a look when you're on your laptop or computer!

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please tweet me women that you think are missing from this timeline and I can add them in.

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